Film review tampa


Film Review Tampa is now being held at Tampa's soon-to- be newest Creative Co-Work Space, "211 Meridian" in the Channelside District.  

Film Review Tampa is a bi-monthly networking event that celebrates the homegrown film, video and new media scene in Tampa, St. Pete & Clearwater. It’s an opportunity for makers of all kinds—screenwriters, producers, directors, students, composers, crew members, cinematographers, editors, digital artists, actors, ad agencies and more—to showcase their work and meet likeminded artists and storytellers. Land a new gig. Get feedback on a project. Or assemble a team and kick off a new one. Our community continues to thrive and grow in reputation thanks to our collaborative film commission, deep talent base and eclectic locations. 

Bring your screenplays, student films, 30-second commercials, photo exhibits, digital experiments, film scores, acting reels…you name it. Each Film Review Tampa event is scheduled to go two hours, but once we start talking shop who knows what could happen.

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Dates, times & Location



211 Meridian Ave

Tampa, Florida 33602

Time | 7:oo pm to 9:oo pm

7pm to 9pm, but plenty of time to network after the event.

Dates | January 30, 2020

January content & speaker

"Half an Hour" Directed by Victoria Jorgensen


"WDED" Directed by Maurice Jovan Grey House Films


"You Don't Have To Save The World" Directed by Kevin O'Brien


Industry Speaker, Curtis Graham


Curtis Graham is one of the quintessential filmmakers in Tampa Bay, but his talent's as a director and producer stretch all the way to the regions of North Africa.  Curtis is a mentor and an example of what filmmakers in Tampa Bay can strive to accomplish.  Please arrive early so you can hear about his war stories and award winning career at 7pm.  

"Hess" Starring Joel Wynkoop

Sunnyville Behavioral Health

Directed by Tim Ritter
AR235 Pictures

Dan Hess answers a simple request for a job interview but before you know it, his world is turned upside down.......again! 

 Dan Hess has appeared in 5 Truth or Dare A Critical Madness movies, including Twisted Illusions and Twisted Illusions 2 horror films.

Hess is a well liked character in the B movie world. 'Tim Ritter's HESS' is featured in the "Joel Wynkoop Action Pack" Anthology Feature and is "King of the B's" Joel D. Wynkoop's eighth performance as tough guy Dan Hess.

Directed by Marcus Kempton

AR235 Pictures

The Cure. Directed by Werner Jauch


A woman takes justice into her own hands when she confronts a child molester in his home with the intent to force a confession into a tape recorder before she kills him.

Written and Produced by Garry Hicks

"Death Cast" Trailer. Directed by Bobby Marinelli


The experience of six fame-hungry actors is documented as they unknowingly trade their lives to star in an experimental horror film. 

Produced by Mellisa McNenry

Written by  Bobby Marinelli

Winniepeg Productions

"A Reason To Celebrate" Directed by Derek Perez.


Directed by Derek Perez.

DBP Films